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since obama got to office, the unemployment rate among young iranians is 1 in 4. the "financial times" -- >> neil: wait, that is whatur is! >> neil, come on... >> neil: they are 25, we're 24 -- we bet 'em! ahead. >> the "financial times" reported 1 in 9 checks that gets written in iran bounces. the forex reserv are drying up, thanks to the sations. i hope he's not watching the show and getting any good business advice, the sooner the economy collapses the better. >> neil: it raises a national security issue, dick cheney when i say had him on and other talked about the idea, when you are in real economic dire straits, it does hurt your credibility around the world, or to charlie's point, as bad a we are, the rest of the world is worse. >> it hurts our credibility and makes people think at some point down the road they will n be able to pay for to enormous defense establishmentnd we'll wait them out and when they ka no longer afford it we'll go after whatever prize we want. >> the economic thing is really worrying to me. we'll have -- they'll probably raise taxes to dea with this stuff.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)